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The Great (Or Somewhat Lackluster) Escape: Bridget Kelly’s Latest

Our good friend Bridget Kelly is spending more time in the studio and less in front of the camera. Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star Bridget Kelly has recently dropped a new EP entitled The Great Escape. Now Divahz, we are far from uncultured music connoisseaurs, we are well aware that Miss Kelly has been giving us bops before she was a reality star. With her hit single “Special Delivery” in 2012 she had all of us in our feelings. She was initially signed to RocNation and in 2011 was set to release a track with the familiar title “Thinking About You” but Frank Ocean demoed the track and released it a day before hers was set to release. Soon thereafter she parted ways with RocNation and released her independent project All or Nothing. Then finally in 2016, she signed with RocNation once again as a recording artist. But as of lately Bridget Kelly has done away with the idea of being someone’s artist and not her own. The songstress has announced the launch of her very own record label Hazmat33 which brings us to her new EP The Great Escape, released earlier in August. The project is consistent with the title extended play, comprised of five songs it takes exactly 16 minute to listen to it in its entirety. Which with no shade is all the time you would probably want to dedicate to listening to it. I love my girl Bridget, I do don’t get me wrong but this aint it sis! Musically the songs just ain't hittin how they used to. I really did take my time with this one, I listened to the entire project four times before writing this and it's really giving me Love and Hip Hop vibes. And let me tell you this divahz, when Cardi B said she was leaving Love and Hip Hop because she did not want her music career to be affected this is what she meant! The image of Bridget Kelly and her music has changed drastically. I think the focus is no longer on her music and artistry, it's more so on the fact that she is a character on Love and Hip Hop so she makes music but it is not her craft.

The second song on the EP literally sounds like the type of music we used to play when I was working at Forever 21. I guess I am just a little disappointed (if you can't already tell by this point in the article) because R&B artists have the most talent across the board of genres. R&B artists are tasked with very difficult work in the industry. Their required to have the most range vocally, come with actual music; strings, keys, horns, the whole nine. R&B music provokes emotion, it’s meant to be moving and heartfelt and when you take any old song and throw some vebrado’s and runs on top that doesn’t make it good music. This EP was giving me Cheap Love and Hip Hop vibes, I overshot thinking we were going to get 2012 Bridget Kelly!

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