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“Change” by Kehlani and Arin Ray

Our girl Kehlani, along with Arin Ray, has given us yet another hot R&B track. They take us back with old school R&B feels, that puts you in the mood. Their new song “Change” dropped on August 15th. Followed by a visual on the 21st. The artists sing of a long relationship filled with ups and downs, breakups, and passionate make ups. Kehlani sings of the evolution of their relationship through the years. but she can't continue the cycle of breaking up and making up. Either, they are all in, or leave each other for good. They sing: Should I leave, should I stay, should I go? Ball in your court, lay it up, let me know I've been around for years Back when everything was slow

Kehlani took to instagram stating that it was her “favorite collaboration that I’ve done in awhile”. With Arins’ smooth sound and Kehlanis’ soft voice, together they have created a sound that is pleasing to the ears. This song is truly a beautiful peace. Its real, and meets the needs for a smooth R&B classic. Check out Kehlani and Arin Rays’ new hit “Change”.

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