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TJ Jackson Drops DEBUT Single “Insomnia!”

TJ Jackson, ⅓ of the infamous music group 3T, recently released his first solo single, “Insomnia” on September 6th. Although known for being a member of the most iconic musical family ever, the Jacksons, TJ felt no pressure to succumb to the expectations given to him by society. Instead, he was inspired to venture off and bring something new and unexpected to the scene. I was given the wonderful opportunity to talk to TJ Jackson and get his insight on the inspiration for his newest single and what it took to create “Insomnia.” I asked him various questions regarding his newest single and upcoming EP to gather information on what to expect.

When asked about the meaning and motive behind “Insomnia”, he said, “I had an experience with having insomnia, but it was beautiful. I wanted to twist up the meaning a little and pay homage to 3T. At the same time, I wanted it to be soulful and unique.” With the single already being described as “seductive and sultry”, TJ agreed that the motive for the song, as well as his entire EP, was for it to be “sexy, cool, and grown.” Taking inspiration from a genre he knows so well, 90s R&B, TJ Jackson had no intentions of “chasing what’s popular” while creating his solo music. He knows that people have a preconceived notion of what he should sound like and he’s content with it. He simply wants to continue making music for his loyal fans.

“Insomnia” is the first single off of TJ Jackson’s upcoming EP, “Last Night.” Jackson described the project to be filled with “a lot of love songs” and to contain “different phases of emotions.” He spoke about how his previous success never made it difficult for him to find his sound as a solo artist. He quoted his late uncle, Michael Jackson, by saying that he lives by his advice to “Just do the best that you can and let the chips fall where they may.” As of right now, TJ has no intentions of collaborating with other artists, although he notes he would like to work with artists like Daniel Caesar and John Mayer in the future.

In ten years, Jackson says he would hope to be “on stage, traveling with his family and touring around the world.” As far as his long term goals go, he merely wants to impact the world and bring a positive experience to his listeners. It seems as if he’s definitely fulfilling his goals with his latest HOT single “Insomnia.” Be sure to check it out on all streaming platforms and go to for more inquiries. Also, follow TJ Jackson’s social media platforms for updates on future shows and more music:

Twitter; @TJJackson

Instagram; @TJJackson9

Facebook; TJJackson World

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