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Chris Brown Father of 2

Sources confirmed Chris Brown, 30, is expecting a baby boy with ex girlfriend Ammika Harris.

Rumors of Ammika’s pregnancy circulated Instagram months ago after the Undecided singer commented under one of her pictures.

“YUP” “BM BAD” he wrote. Assuming BM stands for Baby Mother

The baby boy is due in the fall.

Neither Chris Brown, or Ammika Harris have confirmed it themselves. Fans have been accusing Harris of hiding her belly in a instagram photo where she turned her back to the camera.

“When you gotta hide the baby bump” a follower said

She responded “When it’s all about the hoodie”

Brown is also the father to 5 year old Royalty who just started school. A paternity test proved Brown the father of 9 month old Royalty back in 2015.

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