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Yes, We're Together!

Everyone loves good celebrity gossip. It came as no surprise when fans began to ponder on the relationship between 50 Cent and Cuban Link. On August 20th, the two were seen together at the premiere of “Power,” a television series staring 50 Cent himself. This appearance really made fans more curious about the title of their relationship.

Cuban Link, or formally known as Jamira Harris, posted a photo with a mystery man faced away from the camera. The comments quickly filled with questions of the man’s identity. In fact, most believed the photo was of Link and 50. Like clockwork, the rapper commented as well, confirming the relationship.

“Yes, the f*ck it is me,” wrote 50.

Not only does his new woman model, but she’s also known for being the founder of Cuban Fit. She offers personal fitness training and even has her own site.

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