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Love and Hip Hop Episode 7 Recap

Here’s what you missed on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Episode 7 (Aired September 7th)

Ray J, Zell Swag, and A1 go on the search for Bugatti: The hunt is on for Ray J and Princess’ dog Bugatti! The couple put up $20,000 to the person that can find him and return him back home. A1’s marriage is brought up, and Zell doesn’t help by bringing up that Lyrica posted a photo, with apparently no underwear on, but a “Cookie Monster” toy covering her lady part. A1 makes the comment that her photo is a “thirst trap” and that it was wrong of her to post something like that while their not in a good space.

YoYo and Mickey Munday discuss family and co-parenting: Mickey Monday pulls up on the OG rapper, YoYo, during one of her teaching sessions. Along with him he has his daughter. As the two start chatting, Munday discusses how he killed his performance at Jsson Lee’s event. They then realize that there both co-parenting, and that no matter what family first, then music second.

Apryl is accompanied by Fizz when going to court against baby daddy, Omarion: Apryl is seen leaving the courthouse, with friends (and Fizz) by her side as she just finished a battle with Omarion over where their son, Mega, will be attending school. Fizz says he was greeted by mean mugs by Omarion’s mother, and no words from Omarion himself. All Apryl wants is a resolution to everything, including this, the child support and custody of her two children.

Lyrica and Princess have a Spa Day, and also have a “tea”-filled girl’s talk: Lyrica explains how though things are still tough with A1, though she and him thought things were going well, it’s still times when she looks at him that she gets extremely mad about the SummerBunni situation. Princess informs her that she may have a tip on where Bugatti is: a man informed her that he believes his neighbor has Bugatti. After a conversation with the man, they plan on meeting at the police station to see if he’s telling the truth. Lyrica explains how she was simplifying showing off her “mom body” with the “Cookie Monster” post; she thought no harm was being done. She then says how she just doesn’t think that her and A1 are meant to be. The bomb is then dropped that A1 has cheated on her before, and with other women, other than SummerBunni, when she was pregnant.

J-Boog tries to have a business meeting with the members of Immature: J-Boog bring the guys of the R&B group Immature, (which consist of Jerome Jones, Marques Houston, Kelton Kessee) and have a business meeting, so possibly he can convince them to join the B2k tour. Things went left when Boog let the fellas know that Marquez would be getting 50% while the other 2 guys would be getting 25% a piece. Kessee explains how this isn’t fair and he abruptly leaves the meeting, ultimately, shutting the whole thing down. Boog tells viewers not to fret, because he’s still got some tricks up his sleeve to get Immature on the tour.

Jason Lee and Apryl have a chit chat: The two sit down and have a talk, and Jason Lee hops straight to what he has to say. Lee ask Apryl if she’s in a different head space or is she just doesn;t have time to put all her energy into their radio show, Hollywood Unlock. Lee explains how ratings are low, and well, their because of Apryl (he even pulled out the fan comments on paper hunty). Apryl trying to defend herself gets cut off by Lee, and he comments that maybe she needs to take a step back from the show.

Boog and Paris have a Lunch Date: Boog explains how with everything going on with Immature and possibly B2K breaking up because of Apryl causing strife in the group, he just needs a friend to chat with, so who better then to call Comedian of LHHH, Paris. Their friendship started when Boog’s movie company gave Paris a roll in a movie he produced “Fall Girls”. Paris then explains how she’s on a weight loss journey, and it’s not for fame but it’s simply for herself. Boog goes into his spill on everything and how all of it bowls down to the money.

Princess finds Bugatti!: Thankfully, somebody comes forward with Bugatti. Though Princess is asatic with joy, she still believes that the man that turned him in is the one that stole him in the first place. After talking to the police, they tell her that there isn’t enough evidence against him to arrest him. She leaves telling the man that after the police fully investigate and give him the clear, he can get the $20,000 reward.

A1 and Mother Pam vs. Lyrica: A1 starts the conversation with telling his mom, Pam about Lyrica’s Cookie Monster post. Lyrica just so happens to pop up on the conversation, and explains how they NEED to be worried about why A1 was out on facetime with SummerBunni. Pam jumps in the middle and explains how their both wrong. Lyrica and Pam go neck and neck, and Lyrica makes the comment that men do stuff because of woman, ticking Lyrica off and she makes the comment that she’s going to leave. A1 makes a comment about the whole situation that Lyrica to slap him then storm off. To make matters worse, Lyrica gets on Instagram and see’s SummerBunni on LIVE, with Zell Swag, discussing and talking about her. Lyrica gets her suitcase and heads out, a! Trying to stop her, but Lyrica isn’t giving in, her mind is made up; she’s leaving.

Stay tuned next week, Monday September 16th, for the next episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood!

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