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"I Used to Know Her"

The Grammy-award winning, R&B singer H.E.R. has released her full length project I Used to Know Her. The mysterious multi-talented artist, who’s real name Gabriella Wilson has already released two EPs in 2018, I Used to Know Her: The Prelude and I Used to Know Her: Part 2. The finished project, Used to Know Her is a 19-track mix of her previous songs from The Prelude and Part 2, in addition to a few new tracks. The album newly features rapper YBN Cordae on "Racks" and the full length version of the "Lord Is Coming". Check out the tracklist for “I Used To Know Her” and one of H.E.R’s newer songs, “Univited” live below! 1. Lost Souls ft. DJ Scratch 2. Fate 3. Carried Away 4. Going (Full) 5. Be On My Way (Full) 6. Can't Help Me 7. Something Keeps Pulling Me Back 8. Feel a Way 9. 21 10. Racks ft. YBN Cordae 11. I'm Not OK 12. Against Me 13. Could've Been ft. Bryson Tiller 14. Good To Me 15. Take You There 16. As I Am 17. Hard Place (Single Version) 18. Unvited (Live) 19. Lord is Coming ft. YBN Cordae

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