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Steph Curry creates Golf program for Howard University students

On Monday August 19, Steph Curry announced that he would sponsor the creation of Howard University’s men and women golf team. This sponsorship will bring competitive golf to the university since its dismantling of his its previous golf team in the 1970s.

After the early screening of “Emmanuel”, a documentary about the deadly shooting of nine African American church members in Charleston, South Carolina, a group of Howard University students approached Curry for the usual pictures and autographs.

However, Otis Ferguson, a student at Howard, approached Curry for more than just a picture and autograph. He challenged the three-time NBA champion, two-time MVP, and fan favorite three- point shooter to a golf match.

Although Ferguson didn’t win the golf match, he did win much more. That night, Ferguson won a Division 1 golf team for his school.

Not many people know that besides basketball, Curry has a strong passion for golf as well. He began playing golf with his father at just 10 years old. He also played on the golf team in high school. According to USA Today, Curry spoke about that passion and love that he has for the game.

“Golf is a sport that has changed my life in ways that are less tangible, but just as impactful,” spoke Curry. “It’s a discipline that challenges your mental wherewithal from patience to focus, and is impossible to truly master, so when you hear about these passionate student athletes who have the talent but don’t have a fair shot at the game, it’s tough. I feel really honored to play a small role in the rich history of Howard University.”

Curry has reached out to his partnerships to help with the programs’ success. Under Armor will include it in its Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation and Callaway Golf will provide new equipment for both teams. The athletic director of Howard, Kerry Davis, expressed his gratitude towards Curry’s donation by describing it as “one of the most generous gifts in the history of Howard University”. The money will be used towards hiring a golf couch, providing three scholarships (two scholarships for the women's team and one scholarship for the men’s team), and cover the cost for recruitment.

“This came from Otis being passionate about the game, wanting an opportunity,” Curry said. “And now he will leave a forever legacy in terms of being a part of starting Howard’s golf team.”

Curry plans to sponsor the school for the next six years.

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