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Nivea Releases NEW Album “Mirrors”

Grammy-nominated singer, Nivea recently released her new album entitled “Mirrors” after a long musical hiatus. The Georgia native is known for her early 2000s hits like “Laundromat” and “Don’t Mess With My Man”, and this is the first official album she has released since 2002. With such an alluring cover art for the album, the music had to match the tone; seductive and grown. Nivea’s new album “Mirrors” consists of 13 tracks and 40 minutes worth of R&B tunes from a much more adult version of Nivea.

The tracklist of “Mirrors” includes songs entitled “Ride With Me”, “Suicide”, “Circles”, “Away”, “Soul Ties” ft Playboy Dre and more. Each song on the album provides a different vibe and storyline, showcasing Nivea’s versatility as an artist. The project includes songs about being in love, trying to let go, being alone, being seductive, and more. Overall, “Mirrors” not only shows a reflection of Nivea’s maturity as an artist with its urban undertones and harmonies, but it is also just a well put together project in general. “Mirrors” is available on all musical streaming platforms, including youtube. Be sure to check out the album for yourself!

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