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Lizzo Has Officially Tied With Iggy Azalea's Record

Back in 2014, Iggy Azalea made history for having the longest number one by a female rapper. History has now been changed by the artist Lizzo.

Her record “Truth Hurts” was on the Billboard Charts for six consecutive weeks, before being dropped to number two by Travis Scott’s “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM.” Luckily, the song shot back up to the number one spot, earning its seventh week on top of the charts. The seventh week, ultimately, earned Lizzo her new record.

Before the song became the longest-running solo No.1, after being on the charts for 4 weeks. This record was also held by Azalea with her song “Fancy” featuring Charli XCX.

Lizzo tweeted about the news and made fans laugh at her excitement. She wrote that she made “herstory,” keeping the theme of her girl-power attitude.

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