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"The Batman" Leading Lady

2020 is the year for the new "The Batman" movie. Robert Pattison will be playing Batman and Warner Bros has found his opposite in Zoe Kravitz. Catwoman is one of Batman's classic foes who also happens to be one of his longest-lasting loves. Filming will be starting late 2019 or early 2020 but "The Batman" is scheduled to hit the theaters June 25, 2021. Two other roles that are official is The Riddler played by Edward Nashton and Jeffrey Wright will be starring as Commission Gordon. There's been other rumored cast members but these four are the only signed, sealed, and delivered deals we're for certain will happen.

"The Batman" should be a theater near you June 25, 2021... are you excited? I've attached the trailer below so you can get a little teaser if you're a Batman fan.

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