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Family Over Business

Family over everything right? Sometimes you gotta put your career on hold for the sake of your family. As we all know, Ray J is expecting baby #2. So all good news was hitting all at once. New reunion tour, expanding his family... everything was everything right? Nah, the tour would be during his wife Princess Love's pregnancy. That means he would be away from home often and possible miss some important family bonding moments. Now of course he wants to make money to provide for his family but sometimes you gotta sacrifice.

He dropped out of several tour dates to focus on the new baby on board. Now, to all my Ray J fans you still have a chance to see ya boy in action. He'll be performing in Long Beach, CA ( 12/7), Dallas, TX (12/14), and the final stop Detroit, MI (12/20). So instead of seeing him on the 8 city tour you'll see be able to catch him on 3 nights. Don't be mad at Ray J, I admire him taking this family thing serious despite what we see on Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood.

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