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JoJo Drops New Song “Sabotage”

R&B sensation, JoJo recently dropped her new song “Sabotage” featuring CHIKA on October 25th. The singer uses her smooth tone and a jazzy beat to tell the story of all of her failed past relationships. She sings about wondering if getting into these situations was an act of self-sabotage; a feeling that plenty of ladies and guys can probably relate to. "Everytime I hear them talking 'bout you/I wonder did I play myself/And sabotage love?" she asks in the chorus. JoJo spoke about “Sabotage” in a statement saying, “A lot of people self-sabotage… I tend to do it in romantic relationships. And I think most of it roots to fear - fear of being inadequate, fear of getting hurt, fear of rejection, fear of not measuring up... This song is about asking a lot of questions, dealing with shame and embarrassment, and really just owning up to certain patterns.” “Sabotage” is the second recent release from JoJo, coming after her self entitled song “Joanna.”

It seems as if JoJo has a theme of unlimited vulnerability for her music nowadays. After signing to Warner Records earlier this year, she has definitely become one with her music. After fighting a legal battle to re-record her first two albums, she’s finally at the point where she can reveal her full-blown, full-grown self to her fans. “Sabotage” is the second song that we can expect to hear on JoJo’s upcoming album in 2020. In the meantime, go stream “Sabotage” featuring CHIKA. The song is available on all music streaming platforms and it’s worth listening to.

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