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Ray J's Million Dollar Takeover

2020 could be the golden ticket for Ray J. Ray J's Scoot-E-Bike is partnering with LOOPShare ( a ride sharing company). This collaboration is projected to make over $200 million in 2020. His Raytroniks Corporation signed a deal with LoopShare. The deal made Ray J about $34 million just from the deal and over $18 million common shares in LOOPShare. The Scoot- E-Bike/ LOOPShare scooters are expected to hit the market early 2020. Two years from now if the plan goes well, this could possibly be a billion dollar company. Say what ya want about Ray J but this man knows his business. With his family expanding, this secured bag would help.

Congrats to Ray J and his Scoot-E- Bike business and we can't wait to see him level up.

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