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Syleena Johnson’s 10th Album “WOMAN” Available for Pre-Order

R&B Diva, Syleena Johnson recently announced the upcoming release of her 10th album, Woman. "Woman” is also the title of her recently dropped debut single for the album. This will be the first album she has released since 2017 and if it isn’t obvious enough, this project is dedicated to women. Johnson stated in a former interview, “The new album is called “Woman.” It’s dedicated to women: based on what we have had to endure in this country and in general. How we’ve been disrespected. We’ve been disregarded, how we’ve been sexually preyed upon, how we’ve been shunned, not listened to, not taken seriously.” The album cover presents a sense of empowerism as Syleena Johnson stands confidently in her black ensemble that has white painted words that say “Me Too”, “Respect”, and “Woman.”

The music video for the album’s single, “Woman” poses the same revolutionary vibe. Johnson said that she wanted to give a “black panther tease” to the visual. The song contains anthem-like lyrics such as, “and if it’s a man’s world, then the world is yours because woman gave birth to the man.” There’s a famous quote from Malcolm X that says “The most neglected person in America is the black woman,” but this song makes you feel otherwise. Overall, this Syleena Johnson album Woman will definitely contain the next set of girls night songs. The album releases on January 31, 2020 but it is available for pre-order now! While you wait for this anticipated album, check out the music video for “Woman” by Syleena Johnson below!

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