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TJ Jackson Drops New Track “I Don’t Deserve This!”

TJ Jackson is back with a follow-up single after the success of his debut track, “Insomnia.” His latest single is entitled “I Don’t Deserve This” and it showcases TJ’s original 90s R&B vibe mixed in with a modern urban sound. On top of that, the track details a situation that many listeners can relate to; staying in a relationship that you’re too good for. Jackson sings “I should’ve known you better from the start/ I listened to my head and not my heart/ I should’ve paid attention to the signs/ I wish I would’ve seen this other side.” “I Don’t Deserve This” is the second song from TJ Jackson’s upcoming 2020 project and it’s safe to say that this EP will be a representation of the new sound TJ Jackson has created for himself.

“I Don’t Deserve This” is reportedly a favorite song by members of the Jackson family, which means we can only be excited to hear more. TJ Jackson’s upcoming EP, “Obsession” is expected to be released in January 2020. In the meantime, go stream both of his singles, “Insomnia” and “I Don’t Deserve This” on all streaming platforms. The music visual for his latest single is set to be filmed in December, so be on the lookout for the release of that. However, you can check out the lyric video for “I Don’t Deserve This” down below. Follow @tjjackson on Twitter and @tjjackson9 on Instagram for more information on upcoming releases and show updates

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