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Trina Doesn’t Tolerate Disrespect

Katrina Taylor, better known by millions as Trina, is a rapper who does not take disrespect. When the story originally hit the entertainment news scene, articles said that while Trina was shopping with a friend at a Walmart in Florida, she went off on a lady who referred to her as a “n****r b*tch”. The articles went on to mention that Trina was walking down an aisle in Walmart where she accidentally ran into another woman who was in the same aisle. Before Trina had the chance to say anything, the woman looked at Trina and said “Watch out, you n****r b*tch”. The following day, Trina went on TMZ and cleared up the situation. When asked about what really happened, she said that she did not accidentally bump the woman, nor were they walking down the same aisle. Trina was walking down an hour and noticed that a woman was in the kid’s section crying, so when she went over to see if she was okay, the woman looked up and told Trina to “Get away from me, you n****r b*tch.” When Trina realized what had happened, she didn’t snap instantly. She walked away, because she was slightly confused. She asked the Walmart associate near her if they heard the same racial slur that she did, and they concurred. Trina decided to walk away and continue her shopping.

Later on, Trina and the woman crossed paths again, so Trina’s friend told the woman that she needed to apologize for the rude words that she said to Trina. When approached by the friend, she looked confused and said that she did not know what they were talking about, and this is where Trina snapped. TMZ released a video of Trina yelling at the woman who allegedly said the racial slur at her, saying “Say it again… say it again”! Trina does not take disrespect from people, especially when it comes to calling her outside of her name. We are in the 21st century, and it doesn’t matter where your political beliefs lie, you should never disrespect someone and call them anything that is outside of their name, especially if it’s a derogatory phrase.

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