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Will You Be My?

Charlie, last name Wilson is back with another love banger just in time for National Love Day. Charlie Wilson recently teamed up with Bruno Mars to release his latest single “Forever Valentine”. This sounds like a summer hit and makes me want summer here sooner! Definitely a song to listen to with your boo while you drive down the highway, windows down, in love and having a great time. Charlie is no stranger to love.

He’s been married since 1995 to Mahin Wilson whom he met during his drug rehabilitation. Wilson has been throwing out love songs since the 70’s with his brothers in the group The Gap Band with hits like “Outstanding”, “Yearning for your love”, and many others. After making 15 albums together, the group decided to retire in 2010. But just because the group retired doesn’t mean Charlie was done. He decided to go solo in 2005 and it has been nothing but great for him. Given the nickname “Uncle Charlie” by Snoop Dogg, Charlie has continued dropping gems like “There Goes My Baby”, “You Are”, “I’m Blessed”, “Chills”, and now “Forever Valentine”. Charlie has released seven solo albums and continues hitting the charts. Charlie has one thing that a lot of artists lack, versatility. He knows how to keep up with this forever changing music industry. We’re excited to see what is in store for Uncle Charlie, maybe a new album with this recent release? Who knows, but until then, make sure to download and stream “Forever Valentine” everywhere. Take a listen below!

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