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Club Quarantine

There are many fears and anxiety throughout the world right now. Many unanswered questions, restaurants shutting down, jobs closing, no sports on TV, the world is in a serious crisis! And Dj D-Nice gave the world exactly what it needed, uniting the world through music.

Homeschool at Club Quarantine has one of the biggest parties yet led by the legendary Dj. On Sunday he reached 170,00 people tuned in to his virtual party. And some of the biggest names tuned into his live Michelle Obama, Ellen, Will Smith, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Joe Bidden and Jonah Hill. Everyone from all different backgrounds from different walks of life were at the party. It was amazing to see the world come together during such trying times. The idea came from social distancing and being stuck in the house like everyone else in the country. And what Dj wouldn’t miss playing in front of large crowds. He appeared on CBS this Morning and spoke with Gayle King.``I was literally just playing music from my laptop, and the next day, I hooked up the turntables. And then I noticed that the crowd started to grow. John Legend's in there, and I called Dave Chappelle up, he jumped in live. And then the next day J. Lo and Drake arrived. And then that Saturday night party was everything. It was like everyone was there!" And he is exactly right, Saturday night was the night! He was going ALL NIGHT. He walked away a few times to eat and use the bathroom but even more interesting, he changed hats throughout the party as well. One of the biggest surprises that night was Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was in on the party and even helped open up Instagram so people wouldn’t be kicked out once his live reached its max! DIddy sent him bottles of Ciroc, people sent him food, even tipped the Dj!

Many of the newer generation may not have known who he was but they sure found out. D-Nice whose real name is Derrick Jones is a native of Bronx, New York. He got his start with the pioneering group Boogie Down Productions as their youngest member. He served as their Dj and producer throughout the 80's and 90’s. He dropped solo albums along the way as well, Call Me D-Nice and To tha Rescue and even reached billboard success. In 1988, he discovered Kidd Rock and landed himself a deal with Jive Records. Jones is a famed photographer shooting album covers such as Carl Thomas So Much Better, Pharoache Manoch’s W. A.R (We are the Renogrades) and Vulnerable. He also has Dj’d for the Obamas as well !

D-Nice united the world by giving us the party we needed and spread positivity through the world.

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