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Kierra Sheard x Eleven60

Gracing our ears in joyful music,and adorning the community of plus size women with fashionable wardrobes, Kierra Sheard, it seems does it all. Sheard’s boutique, Eleven60 was founded June 2015, with a soft launch of her Fall/ Winter collection. The goal of the designer was to display garments appropriate for the professional curvy women that are, “, bold, and eclectic.” Honoring her mother, the boutique was launched the same month and day of ehr mother’s birthday, legend Karen Clark Sheard. The moderately priced garments and accessories are a harmonious blend of fashion trends from Tokyo, New York City, London, Paris, and Seoul. The distinct styles showcased in her boutique are a direct correlation to Kierra Sheard’s personal style and personality. Fun prints, funky fabrics and refreshing perspectives on the plus sized woman’s wardrobe, Eleven60 delivers quality that takes plus size clothing to a whole new level. Let us now admire Kierra Sheard, and her boutique Eleven60.

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