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Bri Babineaux’s “Encounter”

Gospel singer Bri Babineaux just released her latest album The Encounter last Friday. She took to Instagram to announce the release of the album and what it meant for her. Over the last few weeks, Bri has been posting snippets of different songs from the album, getting her fans, #BriNation, excited for what was in store. Bri, being the worshiper that she is, you’d expect nothing less from the album. All 11 songs share a personal experience from Bri and her relationship with God. Songs such as “We Want More”, “He Paid it All”, “Build My Life”, and “Have Your Way” explain how we need an outpouring from God, especially during these tough times.

Bri says, “The Encounter is like my baby. I was able to have all hands and feet in the creative process. This album is a combination of my penmanship, what I found out was my sound, all combined with what God told me was a work for the body of Christ. Given everything that is going on now, I know that people are going to be extremely blessed by it.” And you can definitely feel that through each song. If you are a worshiper, this album is for you. Bri’s first single “Baptize Us Again”, released back in October gave us a small glimpse of what the album may be like, but there was definitely so much more in store for us. “Baptize Us Again” featured Todd Dulaney and was followed by her second single “Build my Life” released in February. Bri’s album is a testament to her life. You may remember her from the infamous Youtube video of her singing “Make Me Over”. Since then, her following continued which led her to getting a record deal. Since the video, Bri hasn’t slowed down for the kingdom. Not only does she make music, but she also serves as the Assistant Worship Director at Spirit of Faith Christian Center. With her recent marriage and now album, Bri might have her hands full, but you can tell that she truly loves God and working for his people. Make sure you listen to her new album The Encounter, available on all streaming platforms. And make sure to follow her @bribabineaux on all social media platforms!

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