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How to Style a White Button Up

The white button up is a staple piece that every woman has in her closet. This is mainly due to professional reasons or you just wanting to be fashionable. The white button up could seem basic and not a necessity to have in your closet, but it’s totally something that you should invest in. There are so many different ways that you can style a white button up to be looked upon as knowing how to style and being chic. The white button up can be styled in various ways.

I am going to give you all 5 different ways that the button up can be styled to perfection. These ways are perfect for any occasion or for any body type. While you wear your white button up shirt, you should always remember to make sure its crisp and purely white. This is of course so that the different styles can pop and be an eye-catching look.

1. The first way to style the white button up is of course with a pair of mom jeans and sleek white sneakers. This adds a chill and refine vibe to your look. This would look absolutely perfect for a casual day out with the girls or running some errands.

2. Another way that you can style this classic piece is with a black leather skirt. You would have to style this with the white button up tucked into the skirt (slouch like). This is the perfect way to mix simplicity and edgy together for the perfect mix. Plus, the leather material is trending right now.

3. Additionally, to the first 2 ways you can style the white button up, you can also pair the dominant piece by layering it with a crop sweater. The crop sweater could be of any color. It adds dimension and a more creative style to the plain white button up shirt.

4. You don’t always have to add extravagant clothing to the white button up shirt to make it look stylish, you can also add jewelry/accessories. Adding staple pieces that are bold, make your outfit pop in so many ways. It adds a vibrant and eye-catching persona to your white button up look.

5. The last and final way that you can style your white button up shirt is of course with a blazer of any choice. A black blazer is always the way to go with a white button up, but if you want to go out of the box and spice the look up, you can choose pink, red, burgundy, etc..

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