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Jacob Latimore Releases New Album “C3”

Jacob Latimore, who is an actor, singer, and rapper, has just released his latest album, C3. Latimore showed much appreciation for fans tuning in, in an Instagram post on May 25, saying “For those who are catching up #C3 is a collection of 3 Albums. Connection 1 (2016), Connection 2 (2019) and Connection 3 (C3).

The album contains 35 tracks, including singles “Fashion” and “Real Love”. It also has features from Serayah, Mulatto, Calboy, and Toni Romiti. The album embodies a modern yet old-fashioned style as Latimore belts lyrics of love and heartbreak. A native of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Latimore has had a steady career in acting as well as making music. He has co-starred in major films including Ride Along (2014) and The Maze Runner (2014). One of his notable music career moments came in June 2014, involving his hit song “Heartbreak Heard Around the World” featuring T-Pain. Definitely be sure to check out his latest album, C3!

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