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Simple Go To Poses

If you are like me, you’re always scrolling through one perfect selfie to another on Instagram and wondering to yourself …. Why don’t my pictures come out like that? There is more to taking pictures than lighting and a clean background. You have to have the best time of day and the most flattering angles in selfie or full body pictures.

To make sure your pictures get all the likes and followers. We have gathered the most helpful study guide to help you discover the best poses to highlight all of your finest angles.

1. Square it out : give your sneakers some shine, while showing off your popping outfit by popping a squat and looking at the camera. Angle one shoulder towards the camera, and place your elbow on your leg.

2. Throwing shade: your sunglasses should be down on the bridge of your nose and look over them for this jaw dropping photo.

3. Sun blocker: shielding your eyes away from the sun is a great pose. Will show off your outfit, and naturally positions your body at a flattering pose.

4. Goddess: find a bench and give a pose making you feel like the queen you are.

5. Head tilt : you have the option of sitting or standing . Slightly push your chin out, and give a subtle raise to the eyebrow giving the ultimate smize.

6. Stand at an angle one foot in front of another therefore giving your legs the illusion of length, this makes a perfect leading line to the rest of your body.

7. Lean away from the camera : it will make your tummy slim.

8. Walking Pose: This pose is carefree and very easy to execute. Choose your background and strut in front of it with a little flair while your photographer goes to work. You want to look as natural as possible with this pose, so take a deep breath, relax shoulders back for this amazing pose it will make you feel like a model.

9. Power Pose: This pose is especially helpful for models. Get to the end of the runway and gradually place both hands on your hips. Never slouch, always have good posture; If you slouch “It makes you look insecure and frumpy, and your belly will not look its best if you’re wearing a crop top."

10. Find a sidewalk and squat down, this is a great way to show your legs and outfit.

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