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Black Music Month

As the complexion of African Americans skin color is still an ongoing racial dispute which is bringing about protest in the wake of George Floyd’s death we must not forget about Black Music month.

On June 7, 1979 President Jimmy Carter designated the month of June as Black Music Month which has continued being celebrated annually since then however, it did not become official until 2000. Dyana Williams discovered that President Carter did not sign a presidential proclamation. Therefore she worked with a congresswoman to draft the African American Music Bill also known as the House Resolution 509 which was signed by President Bill Clinton.

The bill was passed to show appreciation to the African American pioneers of music and celebrate the artists of the Black community and how they have changed all genres of music.

(Dyana Williams)

In the year of 2020, artists like D Smoke, winner of Netflix Rhythm and Flow competition have dedicated a playlist this month featuring black artists. His playlist titled “A Piece Of Mine” was released on the same day of George Floyds death.

Alike D Smoke, producer and songwriter Jason Poo Bear Boyd also released a playlist on June 5th, titled Bearthday Music. You can find both playlist on Spotify.

As protests continue to happen worldwide along with the ongoing pandemic the music of Black artists should continue to be praised throughout the country.

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