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How to Elevate Your Outfit with Unique Shades

No shade, but don’t you want to try something different with your wardrobe ? The beauty of fashion is that your style can be just as unique as you or as trendy as whatever the Kardashians are doing at this very second. With so many options for clothes and major influences in fashion it can be overwhelming. Whatever your aesthetic or taste in fashion may be you can always elevate your outfit with some cool shade that creates a unique vibe that you never expected. Here are some shades you can try to take your style to a different level.

1. Teeny Tiny Sunglasses: Small Glasses makes a huge impact try some slim shades with either an Oversized Tee and biker shorts or Extravagant out to give off Boujie Vibe. Cat Eye Sunglasses with Case SHEIN ($7) .

2. Rimless Please: A pair of rimless shades gives off the perfect balance or elegance and femininity. Perfect for any vacation outfit and/or trip to the beach. Baby Blue Retro Rectangle Gold Vintage Rimless Sunglasses (EBay $21.99).

3. I embellish sometimes There’s nothing wrong in embellishment in the name of Fashion. Adding a pair or shades with Rhinestones or Gold decoration makes any outfit extravagant and can make any outfit look super expensive and bold. DG Rhinestone Sunglasses Replica ERNADI ($23.99).

4. Designer Baby: You can never go wrong with Designer Shades some can be as simplistic as Ray bans or extravagant as FENTY , but you always going to be noticed with designers as eyewear. (Dupes) RIHANNA vintage Sunglasses ETSY ($7).

5. Bigger is Better: Huge Shades always comes in handy for celebrities avoiding TMZ and Getty Pics spotting in the morning at the airport with no makeup and has made its way to become trendy in mainstream. Huge Shades is great with a cute crop top and bell bottoms or Oversize Tee and Distress Jeans. It gives off Effortless Slay and comes in handy when you want to rock sweats and hide those bags from a rough night. Flat Top Shield Sunglasses SHEIN ($7).

6. That's Fire: Go Bold or Go Home. Stepping out of your Comfort Zone is a part of Fashion. Make any outfit stand out with a pair of flame frames. Pair this with a bodycon dress or bodysuit you will be sure to slay. Flame Shaped Sunglasses ROMWE ($6.95).

7. Looking Into the Future: Living in the present can be so boring switch it up with try Futuristic Shape Sunglasses to amp up any outfit. Try a White Button up with Mom Jeans and live confidently in the future. Futuristic Oversize Shield Visor Sunglasses Flat Top Mirrored Mono Lens EBAY ($9).

8. Just Look Around and Enjoy the View: Round Sunglasses are so adorable and add fun and a quirky vibe to every fit. Rose Gold & Orange Round Sunglasses Zumiez ($14.95).

9. Let Me See Those Pearly Whites: Stray away from wearing basic black shades and try some White Sunglass. This subtle contrast of color elevates any outfit and a good way to start getting out your comfort zone or trying different eyewear. Women Exaggerated Frame Cat Eye Sunglasses Walmart ($11.99).

10. Drop Top to Flat Tops: The aviator trend has gone more refined for the coming year with oversize frames that at one time would have been considered ultrafeminine. This year, however, go for a flat top of the frame to give it a sportier vibe. Acrylic Frame Sunglasses With Case ROMWE ($4.45).

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