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Beyonce Ends Juneteenth with “BLACK PARADE”

Grammy Award winning icon Beyonce released her new single “BLACK PARADE” on June 19th also known as Juneteenth. This was a surprise release much like her album “Beyonce” released in 2013.

Beyonce added in her Instagram post promoting her song that, “BLACK PARADE” celebrated you, your voice and your joy and will benefit Black-owned small businesses. Through a link in her instagram bio was a section on Beyonce’s website, “Black Parade Route”, full of black owned businesses. The list was created by Zerina Akers.

The song focused on being proud to be Black and promoting the history of African Americans through an empowering song. The release on Juneteenth seemed intentional for Beyonce as she continues to use her voice and entertainment skills to protest. She is one of many Black artists that have used their platform to discuss racism and promote the Black Lives Matter Movement before and after the death of George Floyd.

Every line in the lyrics to “Black Parade” promote the idea of anything whether it is Black people, black clothing, black owned or anything black. She even proclaims in the song that she’s going back to the South to fully indulge in her history that was brought from Africa. She refers to Africa as the motherland and speaks about African symbols such as the ankh or dashiki print and riches Africa has to offer.

Beyonce however, does not just stop at finding her voice through music and social media appearances. Recently on June 28 she posted on her instagram that her, other notable Black women in entertainment, and mothers of women who have been killed at the hands of police brutality sent an open letter to senators to pass the Heroes Act. The bill would be used to provide funding for protection during election season for all voters.

Check out “BLACK PARADE” and the list of small Black- owned businesses.


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