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The Lewis Prize for Music Funds White Hall Arts Academy!

Creative Arts philanthropy, The Lewis Prize for Music recently announced the recipients of its COVID-19 Community Response Fund. A grand total of $1.25 million is set to be awarded to 32 Creative Youth Development organizations in the U.S., who have managed to support and provide resources to youth amidst the global pandemic. One of the recipients is the White Hall Arts Academy.

White Hall Arts Academy was started in Los Angeles in 2011 by its black female founder, Tanisha Hall. The academy has been listed as one of the top three music schools in LA, and it focuses on private instruction and individual development for its young artists. With the prize money, the White Hall Arts Academy will be able to provide resources and stability for their students who have been affected by COVID-19. This does not only include a chance to continue to learn and perform music, but it also provides resources such as food, transportation, etc. “We are thankful and excited to be able to continue to teach, grow, and connect more students around the underserved neighborhoods of South Los Angeles and the global arts community at large,” spoke Hall. “The funds from the Lewis Prize are going to allow our efforts to expand exponentially and better support the very deserving students we serve.”

The Lewis Prize for Music has a track record of providing help in a time of need. The organization invests in youth music organizations and helps their administrators continue furthering their programs. “Access to music enriches the social fabric of our lives.” “The organizations and leaders we have chosen to support in these times play a critical role in the lives and communities of the young people they support. In the face of unprecedented challenges of COVID-19 and racial injustice across the country, Creative Youth Development organizations are devoting all of their resources to uplift both the creative and material well-being of young people and their families. We are thrilled to support these organizations -- including the White Hall Arts Academy -- and advocate for the entire Creative Youth Development field,” says Daniel Lewis, Founder and Chairman of The Lewis Prize.

For more information on the COVID-19 Community Response Fund presented by The Lewis Prize for Music, check out A special congratulations to the White Hall Arts Academy, and to the other 31 organizations who received an award as well. Continue to change the world through music! Stay tuned & stay safe y’all!

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