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Melvin Crispell III Releases New Single "Wonderful is Your Name"

Gospel artist, Melvin Crispell III recently dropped his latest single, “Wonderful Is Your Name.” This is his first single of the year, following his 2019 release, Prologue III-EP. Melvin Crispell III is the son of the late singers, Melvin Crispell Jr. and Tunesha Crispell, both powerhouses in the history of gospel music. But nowadays, if the name Melvin Crispell III rings a bell, it’s more than likely because he is the 2019 Winner of BET’s Sunday Best competition.

The NC native won $50,000 and a record contract with RCA Inspiration. At just 22 years old, the anointed artist is living his dream of traveling the world, singing and spreading the word of God. He describes one of his goals as “celebrating God & bringing the focus back to him.” That’s exactly what Crispell III has done with this new single, “Wonderful Is Your Name.” The song starts off with beatboxing and Crispell singing riffs, before a beautiful upbeat ballad begins to play. Crispell sings and scats over the beat singing “All of my life I’ve never known you to fail/ You remain the same/ And Wonderful is your name.” One word to describe the song is “joyful.” No matter who sings this beautiful song, it is always the perfect tune to play when you’re in the mood to express your gratitude to God. I can only hope that this wonderful cover is a part of a complete project by Crispell, because we definitely need more of it.

“Wonderful Is Your Name” by Melvin Crispell III is available on all streaming platforms. Be sure to take a listen or two. In the meantime, stay tuned & stay safe!

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