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Bizzy Crook Releases His New Single “Dios Mio”

After making music for more than a decade Bizzy Crook releases his new single “Dios Mio”. The single was released July 24th.

The song was written and recorded in less than an hour by Bizzy Crook after a late night in the club. There is a latin flare in his music as he is fantasizing and lusting over latin/ hispanic women.

The Florida rapper stays true to his roots giving off late night party vibes throughout his lyrics and also in his music video. Bizzy Crook uses women throughout the video as he is transported to an alternate social media universe. He flaunts his appreciation of the bodies of the women during the video while saying “dios mio” which is translated to OMG.

Bizzy Crook plans to release his debut album “From Me to You” next month including his new single on the album.

As this artist is on the verge of greatness be sure to check out Bizzy Crook’s new single “Dios Mio” on all musical platforms as well as his music video.

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