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Iconic Duo 112 Releases Their New Single “Spend It All”

Since their break up back in 2018 R&B artists Slim and Mike paired up to release their new single “Spend It All” on July 24th . This is only the beginning for what the duo has to offer and the group is working on “112 FOREVER: Slim & Mike''. The EP will be released August 21st.

The award-winning artists use this single to celebrate women with a sultry and sexy vibe in the music. They want to honor the women who have been fans of theirs throughout their 25 year career.

Even though “Spend It All” was released on July 24th it was performed for the first time during Memorial Day Weekend on a live VERZUZ battle. 112 was supposed to go on tour for fans however, due to the current global pandemic the group was not able too. Instead they opted to give their fans music instead.

Along with the release of their single there is also a music video showing their celebration of women. Check out 112’s new single “Spend It All” on All music platforms.

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