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AgapeSoul Releases Visual for "Bulletproof" Featuring Tommy Sims

AgapeSoul is a modern soul band originating from the San Francisco Bay Area. The band is led by Darryl Anders (bassist, songwriter, and producer). Darryl Anders was born in St. Petersburg, Florida; he started playing trumpet in the third grade but switched to bass at 14. Anders became a self-taught musical genius; he listened and learned the bass parts to songs he would hear on the radio and obsessed over the chords until he could do it with ease. He then started performing in front of an audience (family, friends, peers), and one day he ran into the local celebrities: Washington Jam Band.

At the time, the band needed a bass player, and Anders’ friend (Bobby Tyson) encouraged him to audition. Unfortunately, Darryl Anders was surrounded by tons of bass line players from Bootsy Collins to Sly and the Family Stone’s Larry Graham, and that was not his time to shine. But that only pushed him even harder, and he eventually toured with Oakland-based Tower of Power. Years of playing music from other people was not acceptable since Anders' talents surpassed those limits. So when vocalist Vicki Randle told him he was “too good to be playing ‘Brick House,’” he knew it was time for a change. He took all of the words of encouragement/motivation he has ever received and took a massive leap of faith to create AgapeSoul. His risky decision landed AgapeSoul at the top of the UK soul charts in 2012 with ‘Believe In Love.’ It was only up from there; they continued writing, recording, releasing, and performing, which only made them better. On September 18, 2020, they’re latest single featuring Tommy Sims was released.

While on September 18, 2020, the single was released, on October 9, 2020, the visual for the single was released. The song was written by Darryl Anders and Jackie Clark, it was mixed by Cam Perridge, mastered by Justin Weiss / Trackworks, and Nino Fernandez created the music video. The single/visual features Keyboardist Lynette Williams, Guitarist Errol Cooney, Drummer Thomas McCree, Bassist Darryl Anders, Percussionist Ike Arostigui, and Vocalist Tommy Sims. The song is raw and impactful with the lyrics, “there’s a line between right and wrong, you can kill the man, but you can’t kill the message, you can ignore the obvious staring at the proof, justice is blind, but live is invincible, and the truth is always bulletproof, but the truth that dies in the darkness comes to life in the light of day, truth is the message now is the time,” on top of the groovy and soulful instruments. The song comes together nicely and has a clear message that is very moving and enlightening. Throughout the video, pictures, statistics, and quotes appear on the screen showcasing Donald Trump, police brutality, black lives taken by police, “SAY THEIR NAMES!” and Covid-19 statistics. The video gives the song a more frank tone, showcasing the evil things in the world, states that there is no more hiding the message. The message is plain as day, and everyone needs to hear and see it.

If you haven’t heard AgapeSoul’s "Bulletproof" featuring Tommy Sims, it is an absolute must that you listen to it soon. The single is available on all musical platforms now. Also, don’t forget to watch the music video for it available on YouTube.


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