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B.E.T. Social Awards! The new hottest award show?

Social media is the new way to help gain recognition and to create your own career. The platforms now introduce us to some of our favorite comedians, artist & more! From the humor in their post, to the groove in their music, these social media stars have created opportunities for everyone! As of February 11th, 2018, B.E.T. decided to introduce a new awards show to honor these rising stars. So, congrats to all the social media stars that made this happen! You made history and what a way to create a new lane!

This year’s event was hosted in Atlanta at The Tyler Perry Studios by the hilarious Michael Blackson, and executive produced by Mike Epps, so you know it was super funny! Stars such as Reginae Carter, Justin Combs, Erykah Badu, Symone Saunders, Amanda Seales, and Tony Seales joined alongside social media rising stars such as Lala Sizahands, Jess Hilarious, Amara La Negra, Kash Doll, Blame it on Kway & more forces to set it off! Oh, boy did they give us a night to remember!

Here are the categories that were up for grabs that night & their winners:

First up “ISSA WAVE”, was a category for the most influential social artist. She’s known for her hit singles “Run me my money”, and she’s got all of us singing her latest single “For Everybody”. She has the looks, ambition, streams, likes, and views. If you guessed Kash Doll, you guessed right. Congrats boo! Keep bringing the pretty girl trap music our way!

Next up was the “Social Hustle” winner! You might know him from IG commenting on some of our fav reality shows such as Love & Hip Hop, and The Real Housewives of Atlanta, the winner of this category was KendallKyndall! Congrats love & keep the hilarious videos coming!

Next was the "LMFAO!" category, he always brings us comedy though his post & has the ability to pick us up when we’re down, shout-out to Blame it on Kway! He was the winner of this category!

Next up, is the "CLAPBACK" category! If you’re trolling, she’s clapping back! Now, as we know internet beef isn’t new but I suggest you don’t try this one or you might leave with your feelings hurt, so tread lightly hun! The winner of this category is Jess Hilarious! Continue to read the haters, and put people in their place. Others clapback game might be strong but we now know whose is the strongest!

Next category was the “BEST PODCAST”. When you put your headphones in, you’re in for a treat. Congrats to Joe Budden on winning this category!

Next up, was the “MOOD AF” category. It was the celebration of memes, and gifs that surfaced the web. But, who took the crown? ISSA RAE was the winner of this category, for her “I’m rooting for everyone black” gif! Congrats girl!

Next up, is the “BAEWATCH” category! You might know them from Love & HipHop New York, or as Black Love, the winners of this category was Remy & Papoose! Congrats guys, y’all relationships goals for sure!

Lastly was the “BEST TEA” winner. When the tea is brewing, who’s serves it up straight? The ShadeRoom where the sun doesn’t shine! Congrats guys, and be sure to keep bring us that tea because obviously we’re nosy!

We were sad to see it end, but all great things must come to one. The show ended with Mr.Wish Me Well’s YFN Lucci himself performing his summer hit single “Everyday we lit”! The show was filled with fun, performances, and entertainment to keep our eyes glued to the television all night! It was definitely a night to remember, as they also brought a new wave to B.E.T. If you missed the show, we’re sorry for you boo! We can still be friends though and you can always check it out on to watch! We can’t wait until next year! Xoxo!


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