Coach Steven Kerr Expresses His Opinions on the Riots at the Capitals

As we all known, on January 6th history was made, yet again in a negative light underneath Donald Trump. Many trump supporters busted into the Capitol in D.C in a way to express their anger about Trump losing the election and having to leave office on January 20th.

While that was happening, the President asked for the national guards to not come and help meanwhile they were out when Black Life Matter protesters were out peacefully but that’s neither here or there right now. Recently, the coach of the Golden State Warriors, Steve Karr

has spoken about the nasty incident. According to USA Today, the coach did not hold back.

“I started the day thinking about how we were going to guard Lou Williams without fouling him, and suddenly that didn’t seem quite as important when I turned the TV on, as shootaround was beginning. Just a bizarre scene, but a pretty clear reminder that the truth matters. We’ve been talking about this for years, but the truth matters in our country and in anywhere in any circumstance because of the repercussions if we allow lies to spread, and if we enable people in

power to lie.

You all of a sudden have millions of people who are doubting an election, that was certified in every state. We had seven to eight million more people vote for Biden than for Trump. Every state has certified those results every court appeal has been turned down. A legitimate election is suddenly questioned by millions of people, including many of the people who are leading our country in government because we’ve decided to over the last few years allow lies to be told.

So, this is who we are, you reap what you sow.”

Many people feel the same way as Kerr. This was the election that has made history for the black community by being so important that many people who thought their voices weren’t heard before has decided to vote. Georgia flipping from red to blue was also a shock to some.

It has been rumored that the reason they were able to get in successfully is because Trump planned this.

At least 2 people have committed suicide when they found out they had to do time behind bars for what they have done even though the crime committed should have came with the expectation of being arrested.. The players of The Warriors expressed their feelings about this on their Twitter accounts.

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