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Colin Kaepernick's Name Removed From Madden 19 Soundtrack

YG & Colin Kaepernick

Looks like former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's name was mysteriously removed from the Madden 19 soundtrack, due to a “mistake” made by EA Sports. Kaepernick, along with the two of the song’s artists, YG and Big Sean, were not happy with this decision as the NFL player’s name was used only once in Sean’s verse and taken out “like it was a curse word”. They believe the decision to remove Kaepernick's name from the Soundtrack was not just because of a misunderstanding of their rights to include him in the game, but due to his protest against racial discrimination, which has caused kaepernick to be unsigned to any NFL team to this day.

EA Sports has since made a statement saying how the bleeping out of Kaepernick’s name was a mistake and that they would resolve the situation right away. On August 6 his name would be referenced back in the song and they have since said that they meant no disrespect to YG, Big Sean, or Colin Kaepernick.


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