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Da Neek Creates His Own Wave

Brooklyn independent hip hop artist Da Neek jumps on the rap wave by creating his own as well as empowering the youth and others in his community. He is a father, husband, and the nephew of DJ spinderella notable for working with Salt-N-Pepa.

Through his lyrical creations he chooses to make music about things that go on in the black community and inspire Black youth in the community.

“As I matured I realized how powerful music is… The last two years I have dedicated myself to creating music that would inspire, motivate, and try to help clean up our communities,” Da Neek said.

Da Neek started creating music in his spare time but with time and commitment it turned into a way of life for him. His single “We The Wave” was released this year expressing through lyrics the struggles of police brutality and systematic racism. Throughout the music video for the song it shows what the result could be if a people chose to deescalate a situation between a police officer with a Black person.

Da Neek wants to normalize holding people accountable for helping each other in a community whether that is de escalating a situation with a cop or helping someone change their life around. He is all for “if you see something do something” to help prevent traumatic experiences in the black community.

Expect more music from Da Neek next year as he looks to achieve higher goals for his career and community. Along with his single “We the Wave” he has created merchandise for people to join the wave of helping the community. Be sure to check out Da Neek’s single “We The Wave” on all music platforms and listen to his single “I Want It All”. Also, check out the full interview below!


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