Da Real Nino Makes His Way in the Rap Game

Alabama rapper Da Real Nino released his debut single “Turn up” August 15th and since then has started to make a name for himself.

He has only been rapping seriously for about a year but has been able to garner enough attention to create a fan base. However, music was not always important to him in the past and was used as a leisure activity with friends of his. Before starting music full time he played football in college and then dropped out to follow his aspirations in the music industry.

Nino’s parents are actually employed in the music industry and have their own record label “On Point Entertainment” which he is signed to. With his parents being in this industry he often questioned if he wanted to be in this industry as it is not always glamorous.

“I always knew I could {rap} it was just the matter of fact to take it seriously and make it a career” said Da Real Nino.

Before taking off in his career he would often write music and freestyle along with friends of his. Unfortunately, after the death of his friends who used to rap he felt obligated to continue their legacy through his music by stepping up to the plate.

Nino aspires to be on a level like world renowned rapper Lil wayne which also one of his favorite artists and role model career wise. Through his lyrics Nino cultivates a sense of reality that shares to listeners struggles and other obstacles he has been through. He likes to remain real and different by telling his story and writing his own music with hopes to be a memorable artist in the industry.

During the pandemic Nino worked hard by using that time to develop his music career and truly brand himself to the public eye. He is continuing to make major moves with his new song “Turn Up” available on all music platforms to the music video being released October 16th. His album is still in the works with hopes to be released at the end of this year.

Check out his new song and music video “Turn Up” on all music platforms.

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