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Deion Sanders Announces Becoming Head Football Coach at Jackson State University

Taking on a new chapter in his sports career after being in major league baseball, Hall of Famer in the NFL, Dion “PrimeTime” Sanders, has been hired as the college football coach fort he Jackson State University Tigers.

Sanders announced the news on the very first episode of his new Podcast “21st and Prime”. He doesn’t get into detail of the logistics of his coaching deal, but does express that he has already gathered 8 people as his coaching staff. They have all either played or coached in the NFL. The President of Jackson State University Thomas Hudson speaks on his appreciation of Sanders choosing to coach at an HBCU by saying, “This means more than any donation to the HBCU.” In regard to the time and commitmentSanders is promising to put into the program.

On the podcast, Dion gives a powerful message in support of HBCU’s by saying “They deserve a Power 5 experience at an HBCU, and I’d be darn if I’m not going to apply the pressure to give it to them.” With the lack of funding and respect in HBCU education and sports in the public eye this is a power move to push HBCUs in the right direction for a brighter future.

The Athletic Director of Jackson State, Ashley Robinson, also gave some facts to combat the stereotypes of HBCU education by giving the Jackson State University graduation rate of 88% and stating that the school has the highest APR (Academic Progress Rate) out of 100+ schools in the FCS Conference, which Robinson is also the first black president of the FCS Conference.

So with education already being at the rates they are in the university, the addition of a successful football program will not only make a powerhouse in Jackson State but also start a domino effect for other HBCUS as well.


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