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Dionne Warwick wants Teyana Taylor

Dionne Warwick made it apparent how she wants Teyana Taylor to portray in a biopic with her . On Wednesday, Warwick posted a video about her views on a Netflix series on her Twitter page, writing as a caption, "This is a @netflix case." Please don't ask who I would cast to play me, as @TEYANATAYLOR would obviously be," she wrote. And that's certainly on period!

Look at the side by side comparisons, Teyana would absolutely body this role to be ported as Dionne Warwick.

"Netflix replied, posting, "taking notes." Netflix's post was retweeted by Warwick, adding, "I'll call you!

Not less than a few days later, Ms. Dionne and Teyana looked to get the ball rolling with rumoured deals to be made. And to make the deal even better, Taylor’s production company “the Aunties Company'' may produce this series in-house.

We’ll keep you Divah’s up-to-date on our aunties, stay tuned!


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