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Fashionable Vegan Clothing

Everyone in the modern and new era are all about keeping the world safe, using eco-friendly items, and eating non processed/ healthy foods. Many people have turned vegan, especially during this pandemic because of all the food they were consuming in the beginning of quarantine. With everyone eating vegan, why not wear vegan. Some are probably unsure what vegan clothing is or even how do people come up with vegan clothing. Well, Vegan clothing is just like vegan food. This means that they are clothes that are not made with animal products. Vegan clothes use manmade fibers, synthetic fibers, recycled materials, organic cotton, hemp, and so much more.

Vegan clothing is important for the environment and even better for the animals due to their fur or skin not being used. This particular kind of clothing is all about not really using leather, silk, animals’ feathers, and wool. Many are interested in this organic way of fashion but do not know what brands service to the vegan clothing trend. I have listed 10 different brands that make stylish and fashionable vegan clothes.

  1. Dellala

2. Reformation

3. Wawwa Clothing

4. Westland Jewelry

5. Pixie Mood

6. Aritzia

7. Stella McCartney

8. Thought Clothing

9. Vetta

10. Native

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