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Former NFL player becomes Mass Shooter

Dr. Robert Leslie,70; his wife Barbara Leslie,69; their grandchildren Adah Leslie,9; and Noah Leslie, 5 were shot and killed in South Carolina. James Lewis,38 was also found shot to death outside and the sixth person was hospitalized with series of gunshot wounds. Leslie was a prominent Doctor in SC.

The shooter, Phillip Adams was 224th pick in the seventh round of the 2010 NFL draft. Early in his rookie season, he broke his ankle which required him to have intensive surgery and left him with several screws in his leg. After his injury, he never played for San Fransico 49ers again. Just before the 2011 season began he signed with New England Patriots. He was waived and re-signed five times in just a month. Adams signed with Seatle Seahawks he made one appearance in the Seahawks uniform. In 2012, he signed with the Oakland Raiders and played in 15 of the teams 16 games. Later that year, he was placed on the injury reserve. He suffered two concussions in three games with the Raiders. This was the story of his entire NFL career. It is not known if he suffered long-lasting injuries from his concussions as a player isn’t clear.

Adams killed himself after midnight with a .45 caliber weapon.

“ I can say he’s a good kid, he was a good kid and I think the football messed him up. He didn’t talk much and he didn’t bother nobody.” Alonzo Adams, his father told a local news nation.

Dr. Leslie worked for decades as an emergency room Doctor in Rock Hill. He was also board certified in both emergency medicine and occupational medicine and served as an emergency department medical director for nearly 15 years at Rock Hill General Hospital. The ER doctor founded two Urgent Care Centers in the area and wrote a weekly medical column for the Charlotte Observer. He also was a published author, Angles in the ER, documenting inspiring true stories from his time in the ER.

The York County Sheriffs’ office said they had searched for hours before finding Adams in a nearby home. Allison Hope, who lives across from Adam’s home about a mile down the road from Leslie’s home. She said they spent hours negotiating with Adams using a loudspeaker and sending in a robot to scan the house. Authorities repeatedly asked him to come out and promised to get his disabled mother out safely before he shot and killed himself.

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