Houston, We Have A Problem...

Russel Westbrook wants out of Houston after just only one season of playing with the team and being eliminated in the playoffs by the Los Angelas Lakers 4-1 in the series. This will be Westbrook’s second consecutive season searching for a new team after an underachieving

playoff runs. Russel’s season before last with the Oklahoma City Thunder, he was upset by the Utah Jazz 4-2 in the first round of the playoffs. With the Rockets also being a series away from making the NBA Finals last year with Chris Paul as their point guard, as well as the year before that the Rockets wanted to make a change in the roster to get them over the hump on the way to the finals.

So, their trade for Westbrook in exchange for Chris Paul was with the intent to fill the missing void that was needed to get to a championship. Unfortunately, the Rockets were eliminated a round earlier than the last two years in the playoffs with this new roster. Leading to the firing of the head coach Mike D’Antoni, and now Russel’s trade request. The top team that has been speculated to get Westbrook in a trade is the New York Knicks as they have plenty of cap room for his expensive contract, however, there have been some rumors of the Clippers may take a chance to get him. With the new season approaching in December decisions may be made sooner than later.

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