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Lil YachtY and McDonald's Take on New Initiative

Rapper Lil Yatchy took time out of his busy schedule to visit a Mcdonalds in his hometown Atlanta, Georgia. When Yachty first got there, he ordered a chocolate shake through the drive thru window. After workers noticed who they were serving they quickly began to prepare sandwiches for the rapper to show their appreciation for his music. When Lil Yachty stepped out of his car to go inside, he explained that he understands what it's like to be in their position because he too was once a McDonald's employee.

“I just want to send a big appreciation for all the crew workers here, man. I once worked at McDonald’s, so I know what it’s like working in that building and getting back to delivering that stuff out, I just want to say a big thank you to everyone out here. I appreciate you, hard and heavy! — I learned a lot working at McDonald’s before my career took off, and the visit brought those memories right back. I give huge credit to all the McDonald’s crew showing up and working hard every single day. They deserve big things, real celebrations, and I’m here for that.” said Yachty

Knowing that Yachty came from a fast food restaurant and became the star he is today puts motivation in the current employees hearts. It's not too often that celebrities show up and share their appreciation for the jobs they had before the fame. Knowing that you can go from working for someone else for minimum wage to working in a studio and making thousands of dollars is the inspiration we all need.

McDonalds and Yachty now have a partnership for the company's new initiative called “Thank You, Crew!” which will now allow the employees including managers to receive special recognition for their hard work and positive attitudes and the difference they are making in the local restaurants.

The new initiative is something all fast food employees would love. After dealing with rude customers, late night shifts, recognition for hard work can get them through the shifts. “This is the first time I’ve ever been with an organization that has ever done anything like this for us,” one crew member shared.”


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