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Love is in The Air With "Lover Boy" By the OMG Girlz

Officially Misguided has returned after an eight-year hiatus with the long-awaited single, "Lover Boy."

The early 2000s pop trio, known as The OMG Girlz, came back with their newest pop single, reminding us all why they are pop princesses. Many felt the loss that came onto the music scene when the group announced them putting a pause on all group projects in 2015, but it is nice to see that our girls are back like they’ve never left. While the members have flourished in their solo careers, it was a true iconic era when listeners were graced with their fashion, talent, and personalities.

This new track is giving us lover girl vibes through and through as the girls express the want to be official with their current guy of interest. A perfect tune for those who find themselves lovestruck and head over heels, in a generation that seeks satisfaction otherwise. Most relatably, we get highlights of the want for fame and applause from others, rather than being in tune with ourselves and our own well-being.

Hats off to Beauty, Star, and Babydoll for refreshing today’s pop

sound with the gorgeous notes of R&B as we witness the artists are now all grown up. As we celebrate this new cuffing season hit, we await a resounding return from our favorite girls with Gucci this, Gucci that.


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