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Miley Cyrus Faces Legal Trouble For 2013 Billboard Hit 'We Can’t Stop'

Miley Cyrus has been known to shock the world when it comes to her music and her outgoing persona. Cyrus became well-known for her star role in the Disney Channel hit show Hannah Montana. After her impeccable performances as the popular tv personal she attempted to get out of her well known good girl routine and decided to pursue her music career. This transition resulted in her releasing her good girl gone bad hit, ‘We Can’t Stop’.

As of Tuesday, March 6, Miley Cyrus has been hit with a $300 million copyright infringement lawsuit. Cyrus has been accused of stealing lyrics for her 2013 hit ‘We Can’t Stop’ from the Caribbean songwriter Michael May, better known as Flourgon, in his 1988 hit ‘We Run Things’.

May claims that Cyrus’ lyrics, “We run things/ Things don’t run we”, were clearly adapted from May’s lyrics, “We run things/ Things no run we”, and is also a clear example of misappropriating his lyrics. May has also claimed that the song includes his “vocal melody, rhythm, cadence and reflection.” Both the songs allegedly have the same theme of “defiant audaciousness in the realm of self-discovery and self-governance”. Through the lawsuit, Cyrus is prohibited from performing and/or selling the track until the case is officially settled.

When students were asked about what they thought about the lawsuit. Many had commented that “since the two songs do not sound anything similar they don’t see exactly why a lawsuit is really that necessary, especially since the lawsuit is occurring five years after the song had been released”. As of today Miley and Sony-owned RCA Records have not commented on the pending lawsuit and has told Variety they will not be commenting about the matter at hand.

Listen To Both Below:


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