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New McDonald's McFlurry debuting may 25th!

Summer is the perfect time for chilly treats; from ice cream to snowcones the options are limitless. McDonald’s is the prime destination to satisfy your sweet and salty cravings this summer all while giving you a mouthwatering break from the heat. Starting May 25th, participating McDonald’s locations nationwide will debut their brand new McFlurry Flavor of the Year, the Chocolatey Pretzel McFlurry. The McFlurry will have the perfect balance between salty and sweet. It all starts with the creamy and decadent vanilla ice cream that we all know and love, chocolate-covered pretzel bits, all topped with a luscious caramel swirl. If you have a sweet spot for sweet treats, add on a warm Apple Pie or one of their delectable Chocolate Chip Cookies. If your tastebuds prefer the saltier palette, add on an order of their delicious World Famous Fries (Did you know their fries and McFlurry go hand in hand? Don’t believe me, just dip a fry or two and get ready for your tastebuds to go on a joyride!) or their divine Big Mac which is packed with savory flavors. You can go into participating McDonald’s stores and get your hands on this yummy treat, take the scenic route through the drive-thru, or order on the McDonald’s App for McDelivery. No matter how you choose to McDonald’s, make sure to stop in and get the Chocolatey Pretzel McFlurry because it is available for a limited time only!


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