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Nothing Better

Chart topping international soul artist Candace Woodson, dropped her most recent single “Nothing Better” off her album Desire, a song which can truly feed one's soul. The sound of her vocals, precise and comforting delivers the feeling of familiarity allowing listeners to connect to her lyrics. When asked the meaning or significance behind her new single “Nothing Better” she said “This song was written in memory of a friend who died and left behind five young children. He was a truck driver trying his best to provide for his family and for himself, but it brought on a lot of stress physically and emotionally

resulting in a tragic accident ending his life.”.

The loss of a loved one is a theme countless people can relate to as well as the new appreciation of life, it gives those alive and grieving these losses. This was the overall theme of “Nothing Better” she

explained this by saying “So I asked myself what is more important, stressing

oneself over financial responsibilities or staying alive and working through

problems together to relieve one’s stress? Candace goes on to say “This song talks about the simple things, a smile, beauty in life, just being together. No money or material things will replace love, there’s Nothing Better than love.”.

Sitting at number one on U.K.’s “Top 30 Soul Artist” born in Paducah,

Kentucky this small-town native has gone international. She got her roots in music at a young age singing gospel with her singers. Later, in high school she began to explore and experiment with different sounds. She has dabbled in both jazz and gospel but her musical style of choice has been soul. Tune into the musical talents of Candace Woodson, stream her newest single “Nothing Better” available on all



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