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Top 10 Hairstyles in 2018

1. Short Hair

Short hair on women is becoming a popular trend this year. Instead of rocking the typical long hair women are now switching up the game on us and killing it! Low cuts on women are sexy and a look. You can spice up your low cut by adding a pop of color or a unique design.

2. Afro

In the 70’s Afro’s were the go-to style and now they’re back! Women of color all over the world are starting to embrace their beautiful curls and wearing them proudly. Afros are a trend that will forever make a comeback. They give off a fierce vibe and lets the world know that we are proud of our natural hair.

3. Low Ponytail

A sleek low ponytail can make any outfit look bomb. It’s such an effortless hairstyle that takes little to no time to do. You can get this look using your natural hair or by adding some extensions to make it a dramatic look. Pair this hairstyle with some hoops and a glossy lip and you’re ready to slay for the

4. Fringe Bangs

This year fringe bangs are making a major comeback. This style is good for someone who wants to switch it up but not too drastically. Bangs also give anyone who’s wearing them a sexy and youthful look. Bangs are a trend that I can’t wait to see flourish.

5. Braids

This protective styles are great for ladies with natural hair who want to have a fun and playful style that requires minimal maintenance and is extremely cute. These creative hairstyles are great for women and kids that want to try something new. With these styles, you can add beads or even silver/gold jewelry to dress it up

6. Two-Toned Rapunzel

This is a new trend that is slowly taking over Instagram. This hairstyle is very unique and attention catching because it’s not your every day look. With this hairstyle, you can keep it simple by doing a black and blonde look or you can make it your own by doing a bright color such as orange or blue!

7. Sleek Top Knot

A sleek top knot is a simple but cute style. This look requires minimal maintenance and is a great protective style to put your natural hair in on your lazy days. This look can be worn to work, school or on a date. You can just slay your edges and pop out girl!

8. Bob

A short bob is definitely one of the most popular looks for 2018. A bob gives off a sophisticated but sassy look. Adding bobby pins or some waves are a way to add some life to your bob. This look is easy to do and looks even better over time.

9. Straight Inches

Women have been wearing weaves for years but this year it’s being taken to the next level. Instead of a simple sleek weave, celebrities are now rocking floor length inches. This look is good for when you want to be extra and kill any look

10. Blonde Bombshell

The last trend truly shows that blondes do have more fun! Blonde not only looks good on women of color, but it also will be a huge trend this summer. Going blonde is a drastic change but it is guaranteed to look good on anyone!


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