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Travel around the world with Bas and J.Cole in“Passport Bros”

Bas recently collaborated with J. Cole on the "Passport Bros" single and video, which was directed by Simon Chasalow. The song, which appears on "We Only Talk About Real Sh*t When We're F**ked Up," was produced by AzizTheShake, as well as DZL and Luca Mauti.

For all of you who wanna get flown out and shown the finer things in life... Get you a Bas. Persian hip-hop artist along with hip-hop giant J.Cole released their newest single which is all about the money they’re spending, the food they're eating, and the stamps they're placing on their passports. This track takes us around the world, as Bas recites words of only drinking top-shelf selections, while he and his entourage relax in the warm waters of Johannesburg, South Africa.

From Vegas to Japan, we go on a journey and we get to see the lifestyle that Bas and Cole truly live; as the right drink on the right night leads to confessions and real talk. Bas tells all the places he’d take his girl, and all the things he’d do with her, he also asks that she show her cards and tell the truth about who she is. Cole tells us that they “Ain’t shelling cash for h*es” making it clear that this type of treatment ain’t just for anyone.

The Dreamville duo apply serious pressure in this collab, making it clear who sits at the top of this hip-hop game.


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