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Wait...Who Played What?

Some College athletes hope to end up as professional athletes as time goes on and drafting seasons start. However, life doesn't always go as planned and change of careers start to come into play.

With that being said, here are some stars that have played In college sports that you’ll never believe!

The first one is Rapper 2 chainz who’s real name is Tauheed Epps. He played basketball on a scholarship at Alabama State University and even had a chance to experience the NCAA. The next celebrity played football for the University of Miami may not come as a surprise because of how he is built is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He also won a championship with the team in 1991! Dwayne went on and pursued a career in wrestling and acting but he still maintains the body of an athlete with raging abs and amazing muscles. He is also very tall! One of his daughters also took up wrestling.

Now we all heard about the Kennedy’s, but did y’all know that John F Kennedy was a college golf player? Now that’s major because not all campuses even offer that as a sport. He played golf at Harvard College and even represented his team in an important match against Yale. He then went to become President of the United States, and played golf among friends but not professionally.

A good physiologist with their own talk show was also a college football player back in the days. Phil McGraw who is known publicly as “Dr.Phil'' made his debut playing college football at Midwestern University, in which he graduated from all the way in 1975! He is known as one of America’s best therapists as he helps families overcome many difficult things.

Last but not least, William Roberts the second, also known as rapper Rick Ross attended Albany State University with a scholarship for football! The media often trolls Ross for his weight and beard, but it was a surprise to know that he took up such a sport in his earlier years. He continues to rap, write songs and build his brand as an entrepreneur. He also lost the weight that he previously was trolled about. Not often does he talk about being an athlete in collegeIt is also pleasing to know that most of these athletes attended an HBCU, where some of the most amazing experiences occur and the sports are just as exciting as the professionals!


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